With strategic engineering of the BGL smart contract we have developed a mechanism that rewards our holders with an exclusive reserve of $BUSD. The Last Man Standing Wallet is a newly implemented function that ensures inclusivity and exclusivity.

1% of every buy and sell contributes to the exponential growth of the last man standing wallet thus compounding your investment in $BUSD, so by the end of the 7 days those who remain…gain.

To participate in the Last Man Standing Holders must hold a minimum 0.1% of the total supply or 10m BGL Tokens. A snapshot will be taken at the beginning and the end of each week of the wallet holders to determine who is eligible for the LMS wallet rewards.

LMS will be available every week for holders that DO NOT sell or transfer any of the tokens they own during that week.

Go all in! More about the lottery, tickets, prizes and staking

The BIG-G Lottery platform is developed with the community in mind. You can profit by joining the community and participate in giveaways, holding $BGL tokens, buying lottery tickets or just simple earn by staking $BGL.


$BGL token uses 1% of the buy and sell tax to fund prizes and giveaways for the holders, you do NOT necessarily need to hold $BGL tokens to win.

We will hold a number of giveaways within the community and we will use our $BGL army to attract more and more investors to $BGL. This tax is more of a thank-you to our holders.


$BGL token has its own contract for the lotteries. Each lottery that you will see on the website will be available to anyone on the #BSC.

Our unique platform allows you to purchase tickets in the form of NFTs with a number of different crypto currency’s. With more ways than one to win, your NFT ticket has a secondary use case allowing participants to earn and play. NFT tickets can be stored in the THE VAULT to earn even more rewards in BGL, BNB, & BUSD. (More details to follow)


Each lottery we have on our website will generate revenue for $BGL token and it’s reward pools. 50% of each ticket sold will go to fund the prize and 50% will be used for the project, here are few ways this will help…

  • Buy backs and burns
  • Topping up the $BUSD rewards pool
  • Additional $BUSD pools for our smaller holders
  • Staking rewards
Staking & Farming

BGL token will have multiple staking and farming options available for holders. Tokens can be staked to earn more BGL Tokens and a wide variety of other cryptocurrencies.

The pools will consist of BGL, BNB, and BUSD as well as additional projects that choose to partner with us.

NFT Staking

Lottery tickets provide holders with multiple use cases as each ticket is an NFT. These NFT tickets can then be used to earn even more rewards. As well as gaming and metaverse integration.

Once a lottery round has ended all NFT tickets purchased can then be put into THE VAULT. The Vault is an added staking option for anyone who participates in BGL lotteries. To be able to earn rewards in BGL, BNB, and BUSD.